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    Drinking Water Risk Analysis Final Memos

    Septic Systems Risk Analysis Results 2021
    Agriculture Risk Analysis Results 2021
    Forestry Risk Analysis Results 2021
    Urban Development Risk Analysis Results 2021
    Point Source Pollutant Risk Analysis Results 2021
    Hazardous Materials Risk Analysis Results 2021
    Vulnerable Soils Risk Analysis Results 2021

    Hazardous Material Spill Information

    Clackamas River Watershed Agricultural Water Rights Project

    The CRWP worked with a Graduate student at Portland State to understand how many agricultural water rights are in the Clackamas River watershed, where they are and how large they may be, and if there are opportunities to work with these landowners under Oregon water law to put water back instream to increase river flows.  Check out the project Storymap here.

    Assessing Wildfire Risk to Municipal Drinking Water

    CRWP worked with the USFS Pacific NW Research Station to Assess Wildfire Risk to Municipal Drinking Water Sources.  Click here to go to see a summary of the project.  To see the results of this modeling work – see the Strategic Planning for Water, Infrastructure, and Aquatic Biota After Wildfire – Riverside Fire, Clackamas, Oregon storymap.

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