Conservation Rebates

Program Participants:

  • The City of Estacada
  • The City of Gladstone
  • Clackamas River Water (District)
  • Oak Lodge Water Services District
  • South Fork Water Board (Cities of Oregon City and West Linn)
  • Sunrise Water Authority (City of Happy Valley and Damascus)

Please check the Rebate Eligibility Requirements to make sure your water comes from one of the participating organizations.

The City of Lake Oswego and the City of Tigard do NOT participate in the CRWP conservation program.  Each City has its own rebate program.  If you are a Lake Oswego customer please click here for more information.  If you are a Tigard customer please click here for more information.

Clackamas River Water Providers encourage water conservation to promote wise water use because everyone depends on water!  Water must be used efficiently or there may not be enough for drinking, irrigation, commercial uses, fish, and emergencies such as fire-fighting. We are committed to helping our customers do whatever they can to use their water more efficiently.

To help in this quest, we are offering seven water use rebates up to $485 in value. These rebates are available each fiscal year (July 1st – June 30th) on a first-come, first-served basis until the program funds are depleted.

CRWP member service area 

Rebate Eligibility Requirement

Toilet Disposal Facilities

Online Rebate Application

Rebate Application PDF

Rebate Brochure PDF

INDOORS: (2 choices)

We are offering two choices in Indoor Rebates. Customers can take advantage of each rebate one time, per fiscal year (July 1st-June 30th) per account.

Toilet Rebate
Older toilets use a lot of water – 3 ½, 5, or even 7 gallons with every flush. High-Efficiency Toilets (HETs) use only 1.28 gallons per flush or less. Replacing a 3.5 GPF toilet with a 1.28 GPF WaterSense labeled toilet could save as much as 4,000* gallons per person per year. (*Based on the national estimate of 5 flushes per person per day).

Apply for an $85 rebate when you replace your current water-wasting toilet with a new High-Efficiency Toilet (HET).  Receive an additional $15 if you dispose of your old toilet.  Limit: 1 toilet per household.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

Here are two great reasons to purchase a HET right now

1. Selecting the right toilet is easy, thanks to WaterSense – a new program sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency. The WaterSense label is used on toilets that are certified by independent laboratory testing to meet rigorous criteria for both performance and efficiency. Only HETs that complete the certification process earn the WaterSense label.

2. For a limited time, Clackamas River Water Providers will be offering an $85 rebate when you replace a toilet that uses 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF) or more with a new WaterSense labeled HET.  Click here to see a list of toilets that qualify for the rebate.

Washing Machines Rebate
Up to $75 rebate – one per account. Model number required. Machines being replaced must be Energy Star certified residential clothes washers. Click here to see a list of Energy Star washing machines that qualify for the rebate.


Flume Smart Home Water Monitor $100 Maximum.  Flume, a first-of-its-kind, easily installed household device that puts the power of water monitoring into the hands of homeowners.

Landscape Rebates (4 choices)

Over-watering is the #1 cause of wasted water in the summer and the leading cause of plant disease and insect problems. Choose the items that will work best for you.

Apply for up to a maximum combination landscape rebate of $210 when you purchase a rain sensor, a manual hose bib timer, a WaterSense weather-based irrigation controller, and/or multi-stream rotating irrigation nozzles.  Limit: 1 rebate each per household, per fiscal year (July1st-June 30th).  Customers can take advantage of each rebate one time, per account, per fiscal year.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

Rain Sensor/Switch: Temporarily shuts off your automatic irrigation system when it rains. Rebate: Actual cost of the device – up to $25 maximum

Manual Hose Bib Timer: Never again forget to turn off water! Hose bib timers turn off sprinklers at pre-set times.  Rebate: Maximum of two at $12.50 each.

WaterSense Weather-Based Irrigation Controller: Receive up to $100 when you purchase and install a WaterSense labeled weather-based controller.  “Smart” irrigation control technology that uses local weather data to determine when and how much to water.

Multi-Stream Rotating Irrigation Nozzles Retrofit:
Rebate Information
• Multi-Stream Rotating Irrigation Nozzles:  up to $60 ($3 each, up to 20)

Approved Makes and Models.
• Hunter MP Rotator:  Model 1000  2000  3000 
• Rainbird Rotary Nozzles:  Model  R13-18  R17-24 
• Toro Precision Series (Rotary): Model PRN 
• Toro Precision Series (Sprays): Model PSN 
• All others must be of similar function and equal or exceed the performance of pre-approved models to be considered.

For more information or to answer any questions regarding the rebate program please contact the Public Outreach & Education Coordinator at 503-723-3511.

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