Landscape Water Audit

Save Water on Your Lawn and Landscapes this Summer

Residential Landscape Water Audits

The CRWP is now offering free Residential Landscape Water Audits to the following member’s service area: the City of Estacada, Clackamas River Water (District), City of Gladstone, Oak Lodge Water Services, and South Fork Water Board (Oregon City and West Linn), and Sunrise Water Authority (Happy Valley and Damascus).

It is an assessment of your lawn, garden areas, irrigation system and more.

Our landscape auditor will assess your lawn and garden areas, irrigation system and more. Upon completion of the audit you will be provided written recommendations to help you manage your outdoor water use for a more water efficient landscape and irrigation system.

Audits will begin in May and be performed during the spring and summer months only (during watering season).

The audits will be approximately 1.5 hours long.  Please be available to walk through the audit process with the Audit Specialist. When the audit is complete, all recommendations will be recorded. This includes irrigation controller schedule adjustments, irrigation head adjustments and replacements, maintenance of existing plant material, and the addition of soil amendments to reduce weeds, promote soil moisture, and reduce the use of fertilizers.

Interested customers can contact the CRWP at 503-723-3511 or email [email protected] to schedule an audit. Audits are booked on a first come first serve basis.  Audits will be performed at each site one
time only. Click here to apply online.

Water use in our area more than doubles during
the summer months due to outdoor watering.

water meter

Landscape water audits will include but are not limited to:

 A walk through the yard and garden area including all of the lawn areas.

 Making note of soil types, plant material, naturally available water, and sun exposure.

 Locating the water meter, noting any
existing leaks from the meter throughout the irrigation system.    

 Making note of existing backflow protection type, size, make and model number.    

 Locating the irrigation system controller, making note of the make and model, as well as the current timing schedule. Each zone will be ran separately, recording gallons per minute used for each zone.


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