Adult Presentations

 Adult Presentations

The Clackamas River Water Providers have a number of free presentations and talks available to local groups and associations.  Presentations vary from 10 – 15 minutes talks to hour-long workshops depending on the needs of group.  Below is a list of presentations that are available.  Talks can also be tailored to meet you groups specific needs. To schedule a talk or presentation for your group please contact the Public Outreach & Education Coordinator.

From the Forest to the Tap
:   Where does our water come from when we turn on the tap? How does the water get to your house?  How do we keep it safe to drink?  Why is conservation important?  Learn more about the water you drink.

Saving Water Make Cents:   With the abundance of rainfall we get in the Pacific Northwest it is sometimes difficult to understand why we need to conserve water. This presentation will explain why conservation is important and what you can do to save water both indoors and outdoors.  Learn how you can cut your water use – and your water bill.

Learning How to Find and Fix Leaks:   This hands-on presentation will show you how you can use your water meter to check for leaks and how easy it is to repair leaky faucets and leaky toilets.  Those little leaks can really add up.

Water Wise Landscaping – how you can have a beautiful landscape and use less water:   During the summer months we use a lot of water outdoors.  Water-wise landscaping uses simple, common sense gardening practices that can help you create a beautiful yard while using less water. This slide show covers the seven basic steps of water wise landscaping so that you can achieve a water efficient landscape.

Cadillac Desert:   This four part PBS video series provides insight into the history of the politics of water.  Each video is about one hour long and can been seen individually or as part of the series.  The first three videos are based on Marc Reisner’s book Cadillac Desert, and examine how water created the modern American West.  The fourth video is based on the book Last Oasis by Sandra Postel and looks at water demands and the need for water conservation.

Water Treatment Plant Tour: Come see one of our water treatment plants on the Clackamas River and learn how we treat the water so it is ready for you to use at your tap.