Septic System Assistance

Septic System Financial Assistance Program

In 2012 the CRWP completed a GIS Septic System Risk Analysis for the Clackamas River watershed. This anlysis was updated in 2021. Through this analysis over 9,000 potential residential onsite septic systems were identified in the Clackamas watershed. Of these around 1,800 were ranked as high risk which was determined by septic system age, high density cluster, distance to the Clackamas River and drinking water intakes, as well as vulnerable soils. To help address this issue the CRWP is working with the Clackamas County Soil & Water Conservation District, Clackamas County Water Environment Services, and DEQ to implement a Septic System Assistance Program which includes information and resources as well as financial assistance. Funding to devleop this program was intitially provided by the State of Oregon through a Drinking Water Source Protection grant.

Septic Illistration

Resources for Septic System owners

FREE Virtual Septic System Workshop

Learn how to Check it, Fix it, Maintain it!

Wednesday, April 28, 2021
6:00 – 8:00pm
Via Zoom

You must register to receive the Zoom meeting information and digital workshop documents.  To register, contact Tami at Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District (503) 210-6000 or [email protected]

These two-hour workshops will cover how septic systems work, how to properly operate and maintain them, and how to look for signs of failure, codes and permits you need to be aware of, and where to get more technical information and financial assistance for your system. A properly functioning septic system can save you money and helps protect our water quality.

Can’t make the workshop?  You can click on the links below to see the presentations from the most recent workshop.  

CRWP Septic System Workshop Overview by Kim Swan
Septic Systems 101 by Brannon Lamp
Clackamas County Onsite Wastewater Program by Heather Nielsen 
CSWCD Septic Repair Loan Program by Eann Rains

To see a video of the 2021 Workshop click here
Workshop Into – 0 – 11:00 min
Septic Systems 101 – 11:00 – 1:06 min
Clackamas County Onsite Wastewater Program – 1:06 – 1:29 min
Financial Assistance – 1:29 – 1:47 min
Contacts – 1:47 min

Financial Assistance for Septic Systems Owners who live in the Clackamas River watershed

The Clackamas River Water Providers have two different financial assistance programs available for Septic System owners that live within the Clackamas River watershed. Both programs have limited funds are available on a first-come, first-serve basis until funds are depleted. Click here to download information.

$200 Existing System Evaluation/Inspection Rebate

The Clackamas River Water Providers (CRWP) is offering a rebate for $200 off of the cost for a septic system inspection.

Inspecting your septic system is a good way to make sure your system is working correctly and to identify any problems before they get too big. Typical gravity-fed systems should be inspected at least every three years. Alternative treatment technology systems (ATTs) and sand filter systems should be inspected every year. The inspection should also include pumping of the tank as part of the inspection.

As of 2014, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality requires the use of an Existing System Evaluation Report for septic system inspections. This new form helps to standardize the way in which septic system inspections are performed and reported and helps to make homeowners aware of all of the components of a comprehensive septic system inspection. An inspection will provide you with legitimate information that can drastically reduce the risk of costly future septic expenses.

Septic System Repair Cost Share

The CRWP will reimburse 50% of the cost of up to $1,000 of necessary septic system repairs. This is not intended for routine maintenance or pumping, nor for the wholesale replacement of a drain field, sand filter or alternative treatment technology system.

Repair Work that would qualify for cost-share/reimbursement
  • Repairs to the existing septic tank and its components: lid, baffles, effluent filters, etc. including pump repair or replacement
  • Repairs to an effluent sewer line, pressure distribution line, hydrosplitter, distribution box, dropbox, and absorption facility
Repair work that is not covered by the program
  • Digging to locate the septic tank or installation of risers
  • Installation of septic system risers
  • Work tasks associated with digging up or removing structures that were built on top of the system (driveways, decks, etc.)
  •  Landscaping after work is complete
  • The cost of any required septic permit
  • Septic systems serving non-residential uses
Eligibility Requirements for the Rebate or Cost Share program
  • Your septic system must be located in the Clackamas River watershed and be upstream of Clackamas River Water Providers drinking water intakes. If you are not sure your home is located within the watershed please call 503-723-3510.
  • Homeowners must use a contractor that is on the Department of Environmental Quality’s (DEQ’s) approved Oregon Septic Smart Inspector list for septic system repairs and/ or inspections. Go to the following list to find DEQ approved contractors:
  • For repairs, check with Clackamas County WES to see if you will need a permit to conduct the repair work.
  • If you have had your systems inspected within the past three years are not eligible for the rebate program.
  • Inspection and/or repair work has to have been completed within the last 6 months to qualify.
  •  For Rebate Program provide the CRWP with a receipt/invoice and copy of a fully filled out DEQ’s Existing
    System Evaluation Report for reimbursement. Click here to download the report form
  • For the Cost Share Program provide the CRWP with a receipt and documentation of the work completed for reimbursement.

To download an application form click here or here. Please submit the required documents to:

Kimberly Swan
Water Resource Manager
Clackamas River Water Providers
14275 S. Clackamas River Rd.
Oregon City, OR  97045

Questions?  Call (503) 723-3510 or email [email protected]

This program is supported by funding through the Clackamas County and Clackamas Soil and Conservation District.

Other Financial Assistance Opportunities

Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District – Residential Septic System Repair Loan Program

Starting in August of 2017 the Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District (“CSWCD”) offers Residential Septic System Repair Loans to homeowners in Clackamas County for the repair or replacement of failed and failing septic systems. For more information about this new program or to see the eligibility requirements click here.

Craft3 Clean Water Loans
Since September 2016 the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has been partnering with regional nonprofit Craft3 to provide  Clean Water Loans to help property owners replace or repair failing septic systems across Oregon.  Only projects to repair or replace existing systems are eligible. For more information on the loan program visit… and

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