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Our Drinking Water Treatment Chlorine Supply Challenge

  1. Protection of public health is the number one priority of Clackamas River Water Provider member agencies.

  2. The drinking water coming out of your tap remains safe to drink and use.

  3. The Clackamas River Water Providers have five water treatment plants on the Clackamas River. Chlorine is used in the treatment process to disinfect our drinking water, and ensure water is safe to drink and use. Four of the five plants may be impacted by this Chlorine Supply Challenge.

  4. A critical chlorine supply issue has recently created a shortage for Oregon drinking water providers. The chlorine shortage in our area was caused by an equipment failure at a chlorine manufacturing facility on the West Coast.

  5. Water providers were recently notified that the manufacturer may be able to repair their electrical equipment by the end of June, but it is not clear how long the supply chain will be impacted.

  6. We are working directly with other water utilities, the Oregon Governor’s Office, Oregon Emergency Management, Oregon Health Authority, Department of Environmental Quality, the Oregon Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network, and federal authorities to get the chlorine supply we need.

  7. Together, Oregon utilities are also inventorying needs across the state and preparing to share the remaining chlorine supply (mutual aid).

  8. You can voluntarily help conserve the chlorine supply by reducing your indoor and outdoor water use. To find out what you can do contact us at [email protected]

  9. If the chlorine supply shortage isn’t remedied, water providers will need to take further steps, which could possibly include:

  • Adjusting the disinfection technique during the water treatment process

  • Further reduction of outdoor water use

  • If chlorine supplies run out, customers may need to boil water before drinking.

  1. It’s not yet known how long the shortage will last. We will keep you informed of the situation as it develops.

In an effort to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and support the health of our communities, we are working from home until further notice. We will continue to be accessible online and by phone.  Click here for more information about how the CRWP members are keeping your drinking water safe.

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Water Conservation

Except for the air we breath, water is the single most important element of our lives. It is too precious to waste. Regardless of the availability of water now and in the future, we must get the most for our current supply

Watershed Protection

Sustaining a precious resource a top priority. By preserving the Clackamas River as a high quality drinking water source we can help minimize future drinking water treatment costs, while being good stewards of the river.