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2022 Summer Water Supply Update
Unlike the last couple of years, this spring and early summer have been unseasonable cool and wet, and the good news is there is more water in the Clackamas River than usual for this time of year.  Currently the future conditions for Clackamas County show that the County will not be experiencing drought conditions this summer.

So, what does that mean to you? 
So far this spring we have not needed to add any supplemental water to our lawns and gardens.  But when it does warm up how will you know when to start watering and much to water?

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Take the guess work out of watering with the Weekly Watering Number. It’s free, personalized to your zip code, and includes smart watering tips to help you save water all summer. Sign up today to receive your number via text or email every Thursday.

More Information
The CRWP has all sorts of tools and resources to help you save water at home. Visit the Conservation pages on our website to learn more about indoor and outdoor water conservation.

To stay on top of local climate conditions in Clackamas County and get alerts when condition change, go to,%20Oregon and click on “Sign Up for Alerts”.

Workshop Opportunity
Environmental Learning Center (ELC) 
Clackamas Community College

Wetlands play a vital role in the health of our natural environment, but what is it they do that makes them so special?  Join us to learn from wetland experts about the benefits they provide and the plants that call them home. 
Meet the World of Wetlands!  At the Environmental Learning Center
Saturday, August 6
Cost: $10
To Register visit: Meet the World of Wet-lands!
Questions? Contact [email protected]


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