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Summer Water Supply Outlook

This summer we have seen warmer and dryer weather than normal and the US Drought Monitor indicates that currently all of Oregon is experiencing some sort of drought conditions. On the upside, in the Clackamas Watershed we had a good snow pack this winter and the river levels are still normal for this time of year. However, due to the lack of rain in the forecast to replenish the river and the continued warm weather, we anticipate that river flows may become extremely low in late summer and early fall.

Water conservation is something we all should be doing year-round but it is even more important during the summer months, especially this summer. Water use in our area more than doubles during the summer primarily due to outdoor water use. The more water we save the more water we can leave in the river for fish and other users.

The CRWP has lots of tools to help you conserve water at home. Check out our free landscape water audits, water conservation rebates, free conservation tools, tips and more information on our website. Or purchase a Flume Device with our rebate and find out exactly how much water you are using.

Keep an eye out later this summer for our annual “Fish On the Run, Irrigation Done!” summer watering campaign designed specifically to help us conserve water so that there is enough water in the river for the fall fish migration.

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