Master Storyteller Will Hornyak’s Assembly Programs, Audio Recordings, and Virtual Assembly Videos

Through assembly programs, audio files, and pre-recorded videos, we have a variety of ways for storyteller Will Hornyak to share his myths, fables, tall tales, and stories that bring facts to life about water, watersheds, wetlands, salmon & steelhead habitats, along with simple practices to care for our Clackamas River Watershed.

Will Hornyak is also available to perform Assembly Programs.  To schedule an assembly contact Public Outreach and Education Coordinator at [email protected].

About the Storyteller: Will Hornyak has educated, entertained, and inspired audiences throughout the Northwest and beyond as a professional storyteller since l994. He has taught storytelling in professional communication at Marylhurst University and offers virtual storytelling performances and workshops to a wide variety of audiences and communities. He lives in Milwaukie, Oregon.

To request your copy of the living streams CD contact [email protected]

Living Streams Assembly Videos 

Will Hornyak offers two 50-minute Assembly programs, one for grades K-2, one for grades 3-5. We have also provided individual Living Stream stories, each approximately 5-20 minutes long.

Living Streams Grades K-2 Video (43:40 min):

Living Streams Grades 3-5 Video (52:22 min):

1. ‘One Day, One Night’- (6:30 min) A Nez Perce Native American myth that illustrates how a small but persistent voice can make a big difference.

2. ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider and the Macro- Invertebrate Café’- (11:20 min) Travel with Daddy Long Legs and Itsy Bitsy Spider and discover how storm-water pollution has a big impact upon the whole web of life downstream.

3. ‘The Walking Steelhead’- (15:07 min)  An Oregon tall tale that stretches the imagination while passing on facts about the Clackamas River in general and healthy fish habitats in particular.

4. ‘The Land of Bog’- (8:48 min) A fanciful tale with colorful characters about wetlands and the importance they play in the health of our watersheds.

5. ‘The Adventures of Medio Pollito (Half Chicken)’ –  (22:14 min) Travel with an unlikely hero – a one-eyed, one-winged, one-legged chicken — as he journeys to meet the King and learns a great deal about how we can all work together to keep our rivers and streams healthy and clean.

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