Indoor Conservation Tips

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The following are everyday tips and ideas about how you and your family can use water more efficiently in and around your home.  *Savings are based on a family of four.

  • Take a shallow bath instead of a shower. (Saves 15-20 gallons per day). If you take a shower make it quick, install a shower timer.
  • Don’t flush tissues and cigarettes. (Saves 400-600 gallons per month).
  • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth. (Saves 3 gallons per day).
  • Use a waterless hand cleaner when washing greasy hands, and don’t let the water run. (Saves 7-10 gallons per day).
  • Rinse razors with short blast or by swishing it in a partially filled sink. (Saves 3 gallons per week).
  • Save the shower water used while waiting for the water to get hot in a bucket for house plants. (Saves 100-300 gallons per month).
  • Run only full loads in the washing machine and dishwasher. (Saves 75-200 gallons per week).
  • Keep a bottle of cold water in the refrigerator for drinking instead of running the faucet. (Saves 200-300 gallons per month).
  • Defrost frozen food without running water over the packages. (Saves 50-250 gallons per month).
  • Rinse vegetables in a filled sink instead of running water. (Saves 150-25- gallons per month).
  • Use the garbage disposal less and the garbage more. (Saves 50-150 gallons per month).
  • Wash dishes with the least amount of detergent possible minimizing rinsing. (Saves 50-150 gallons per month).
  • If you don’t want water in a restaurant, don’t take it, you will save the water in the glass and the water used to wash the glass. (Collectively saves millions of gallons per year).

To make conserving water even easier the Clackamas River Water Providers have free indoor Water Conservation Kits.   To receive a free kit, please contact the  Water Conservation Program Coordinator.

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