Conservation Calendar

Annual Water Conservation Calendar

Each year the Clackamas River Water Providers invite teachers and their students to participate in our annual water conservation calendar coloring contest. Students demonstrate their knowledge of water by creating pictures that reflect the calendar theme.
The theme for the 2021 Calendar is “Healthy Rive, Happy Fish, Happy People”.  This year 19 classes from 10 different schools participated in the contest with approximately 200 entries. Thirteen pictures were chosen from all the entries submitted and were posted on the CRWP website for one week (May 25th – June 1st,) so students, their teachers, families and friends, and the general public could vote for which one of the 13 pictures will be on the cover of the 2021 calendar. 
The winner of this year’s contest will be revealed in October of 2020 when each school that participated in the contest will receive a box of 125 calendars to give away to students and families.  The 2021 calendars will also be available in all of the CRWP water provider offices, city halls, local libraries, and upon request by contacting our office at 503-723-3511 or by emailing [email protected]
The CRWP annual calendar contest continues to be one of our most successful projects because of the enthusiastic participation of our teachers, students, and community members. Thank you to everyone for your support.
The Clackamas River Water Providers are committed to protecting and conserving the Clackamas River not just for our communities who drink the water, but for fish and the environment. As our communities grow, conserving and protecting our Clackamas River is one of the most effective ways to make the best use of our existing water resource and help protect the environment.



2020 Water Conservation Calendar

The 2020 Calendars are still available at participating Clackamas River Water Provider members City Halls, Libraries, and offices, or by contacting the CRWP Public Outreach & Education Coordinator.  The drawings featured in the calendar, as well as the conservation tips, will help you identify simple and easy things you can do to reduce your water use and help us protect the Clackamas River.

A special thanks to our teachers who work with us each school year to bring water education into the classrooms.