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Resources for Teachers and Educators

The Clackamas River Water Providers have a number of free water and water conservation resources available to schools and teachers within the CRWP service area. This includes in-person classroom activities and presentations, a full library of water videos and books for all grade levels on everything from the water cycle, properties of water, and how drinking water is made available for teachers to borrow.  You can also take advantage of our vast collection of well-known water and environmental manuals as well as indoor home water audit kits.

Middle and High School Educators, The CRWP has taken part in and supported many studies in the Clackamas River basin.  You and your students might find these reports useful as study material and information for reports.  All of these reports and studies are available under the Resource and Documents page located on our website.

All of these resources and programs are offered at no cost to our schools and teachers, and some of the presentations include curriculum packets and promotional items, such as shower timers, and brochures for students to share with their families. To see the list of schools these resources are available to click here or for more information contact our Public Outreach and Education Coordinator at [email protected].

After two years of COVID disruptions the we are very excited for a more normal school year and being able to work with you again on water education efforts.

Educating From Home Resource List

The Clackamas River Water Providers and the Clackamas County Water Education Team (CCWET) have developed a list of water, environmental, and science resources and links to support our teachers, educators, and parents while teaching from home.  Click here to access the list.

Interactive Map

To help inform our students and communities about our watershed we have developed an interactive watershed map. This map highlights and provides information on specific points of interest within the watershed such as land uses, fish hatcheries, parks, dams, and reservoirs, drinking water intakes, and treatment plants.

Click here to visit the Interactive Map.

See how your drinking water is made, and watch 5-10 minute videos to learn more about the treatment process to make your Clackamas River water drinkable.  Click here for more information, and to view the Virtual Treatment Plant Tour videos.

The Clackamas River Water Providers are offering two of our most popular water-related classroom presentations virtually.  Source to the Tap where you can find out how much water is on our earth and how much of it is available for drinking water.  Enviroscape® Watershed/Nonpoint Source Model where you can learn how the things we all do every day affects the health of our Clackamas River Watershed.

STORIES FOR A LIVING STREAM CD/VIDEOS/ZOOM with Master Storyteller, Will Hornyak.

Through the art of storytelling, we help students to understand and appreciate the watershed where they get their drinking water.

Click here to listen to audio recordings of the stories, to view story videos, or for information on how to schedule an assembly program with Will Hornyak.

Will Hornyak
Activity Book - Clackamas River Watershed


Through the book’s activities you will learn more about where your drinking water comes from, and what you can do to protect and conserve our drinking water source. The booklet contents include: What Do You Know? What is a Watershed? Build Your Own Watershed, Watershed Protection, Stormwater Pollution, The Water Cycle, Word Search, Ways of Water Conservation, Water Conservation Crossword Puzzle, Did You Know?-Fun Facts, and your Certificate of Protection & Conservation that recognizes your efforts to protect and conserve the Clackamas River Water. Take the Pledge!

To order copies of the booklet contact the Public Outreach & Education Coordinator, [email protected]. Click here to see, read, copy, and play with the Activity Book!

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Each Spring the CRWP sponsors a coloring contest to create a Water Conservation Calendar, to help teach our communities about the importance of water conservation. For K-6 grade teachers that are interested in participating, the past year’s letter to teachers and contest rules pages can be viewed, or wait until March of each year to receive your email regarding participation.

Funding is available for mini-water grants of up to $250 per teachers in our service area for water related projects. The mini-grants can be used to buy materials for water related activities, pay for online videos and activities for students, or to pay for water-related training or courses for teachers and students. To read more and apply click here


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