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Educating From Home Resource List

The Clackamas River Water Providers and the Clackamas County Water Education Team have developed a list of water, environmental, and science resources and links to support our teachers, educators, and parents while teaching from home.
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The Clackamas River Water Providers have a number of free water programs available to schools and teachers within the CRWP service area.  To see a list of these schools click here

These programs include treatment plant tours, classroom presentations, assembly programs performed by local artist, videos and water curriculum that can be checked out, water education grants, and other water related resources.

All of these programs are offered at no cost to the schools, and some of the presentations include curriculum packets and promotional items, such as water bottles, shower timers, and brochures for students to share with their families.

Become a Clackamas River Hero!

Maintaining the high quality of our drinking water takes a lot of work so we hope you will help us out! Through the activities in this book you will learn more about where your drinking water comes from, and what you can do to protect and conserve our drinking water source.

Contents: What Do You Know?, What is a Watershed?, Build Your Own Watershed, Watershed Protection, Stormwater Pollution, The Water Cycle, Word Search, Ways of Water Conservation, Water Conservation Crossword Puzzle, Did You Know?-Fun Facts, and your Certificate of Protection & Conservation that recognizes your efforts to protect and conserve the Clackamas River Water.  Take the Pledge!

Please click here to see, read, copy, and play with the Activity Book!

Stories for a Living Stream

    With Master Storyteller Will Hornyak
    and students from Clackamas River Elementary
    Through the art of storytelling we help students to understand and                         appreciate the watershed where they get their drinking water.  Listen online to
    the stories from our new CD, ‘Stories for a Living Stream‘.  

    1) Introduction; 2) Grizzly Bear and Frog; 3) The Walking Steelhead;
    4) Medio Pollito (Half Chicken)5) Tex the Mighty Water Molecule;
    6) Itsy Bitsy Spider; and 7) Watershed Rap.

To get copies of the CD contact Christine Hollenbeck at [email protected]


Classroom Presentations

We offer many different water related class room presentations from the water cycle, water quality sampling, the importance of conserving water, and the life cycle of salmon. Presentations can be tailored to fit your specific curriculum.  Click here to see the whole list of Classroom Presentations

 A few Teacher favorites

From the Source to the Tap Grades: 1st – adult, Program length: 30- 45 minutes.  Where does our drinking water come from? How does the water get to the house? How do we keep it safe to drink?  Why is conservation so important?  Learn where your drinking water comes from, why water conservation is important and easy everyday things we can do to help.

So You Want to Be a Salmon? Grades: 3rd – 6th, Program length: 45 minutes Role-play the life-cycle of local  salmon and steelhead in order to understand the difficulties that they encounter during their migration.


Assembly Programs

We are excited to be working with local performers to bring these exciting and educational assembly programs that engage and educate students through music, storytelling, and interactive learning performances to your school.


 What do you know about H2O?
(Grades: 4th-6th)

Let Mad Science bring water conservation messages to your students! The Clackamas River Water Providers have partnered with Mad Science to combine their well known skills of delivering educational AND entertaining science concepts to children with our important water conservation messages. This 30 minute show provides a high-energy, interactive learning experience focusing the children on what they can do to conserve water and why it is important.

Audience Size: Up to 200 in an auditorium, cafeteria or multipurpose room settings.  Children must be at least 10’ back.
Entire Program Time: Set-up 45 mins. Take-down 30 mins. Performance 30 mins.
Performance Requirements: Sound system if available, electrical outlet, access to water, (1) 6’ table.


Where’s The Water Watson?
(Grades: K-2)

The goal of “Where’s the Water Watson?” is to engage children in an entertaining and educational show. This show highlights the unique and magical attributes of water using the water cycle as a learning model. Telling the water cycle story using music, interactive engagement, visual imagery and repetition will both entertain and educate our young audiences. Highlights of the show include:

    • Get students to think about all the ways we need water and how we use it
    • Introduce the concept of conservation; help them understand how they can help conserve water
    • Introduce the water cycle: H20 – Where does it go? 
    • Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, Collection

Entire Program Time: Set-up time: 30-45 minutes. Tear down time: 30-45 min. Show length: 30 minutes.
Audience Size: We can cater to any number of students! As long as you can fit them in your venue, we can entertain and educate them! For larger groups, a hands free microphone may be required.

recycleman-picRockin’ Water Road Show
Grade level: 4th– 6th

It’s a bird? It’s some rain? No! It’s Recycleman! During this interactive, award-winning show your 4th-6th grade students will learn about the Water Cycle, Water Conservation, Water Usage, and Saving Water. Recycleman and Clackamas River Water Providers are working together to bring schools this exciting water concert.  This concert features lots of audience participation as kids learn about how important water is through Recycleman’s songs.


Audience Size: 100 plus in an auditorium, or large multipurpose room setting
Entire Program Time: Set-up, 45  mins.   Performance, 30 mins.  Take-down, 30 mins.
Performance requirements: Teacher or Principal to introduce the show, electrical outlets


storyteller-picMaster Storyteller Will Hornyak
K-2; one for grades 3-5 (or K-3/4-6 for K-6)

About the Assembly Program: Storyteller Will Hornyak shares myths, fables, tall tales and participation stories that bring facts to life about water, watersheds, wetlands, salmon and steelhead habitats and simple practices to care for local watersheds. 

Living Streams is offered in two back-to-back, 50 minutes shows: one for grades K-2; one for grades 3-5 (or K-3/4-6 for K-6 schools).  Programs for specific grades and classes can also be arranged but audience size must be a minimum of 100 students per assembly.  

About the Storyteller:  Will Hornyak has educated, entertained and inspired audiences throughout the Northwest and a beyond as a professional storyteller since l994.  He teaches storytelling in professional communication at Marylhurst University and offers storytelling performances and workshops to a wide variety of audiences and communities.  He lives in Milwaukie, Oregon.  

Mini-Water Education Grants

CRWP has funding to offer mini-water grants of up to $250 per teacher for water related projects for teachers in our service area.  The mini-grants are intended to provide supplemental funding for water related projects, and can be used to buy materials for water related activities, for busing for water related field trips, or to pay for water related training or courses for teachers or students.  For more information on how to apply click on the link below.

Water Treatment Plant Tours 

Come See How You Drinking Water is made!
Bring your students on a tour of the treatment plant where their drinking water is made. See firsthand how we take water from the Clackamas River, clean it, and treat it so it is ready to be used in the community. (These tours can be combined with waste water treatment plant tours).

To schedule a free program or presentation, or to book a field trip to tour one of our treatment plants contact the Public Outreach & Education Coordinator.


Water Conservation Calendar

Each Spring the CRWP sponsors a coloring contest to create a Water Conservation Calendar, to help teach our community about the importance of water conservation.  For K-6 grade teachers interested in participating in the calendar coloring contest you can view the letter to teachers regarding the project, contest rules and entry form, or wait until March to receive your email regarding the contest.

Resources: Videos/Models/Books/Curriculum

We have a full library of water videos and books for all grade levels on everything from the water cycle, properties of water, and how drinking water is made available for teachers to borrow. Also take advantage of our vast collection of well known water and environmental manuals as well as home water audit kit, games, and posters for your classrooms.

Here is a link for the full list of teacher resources.




Click on the links below for more information on these programs.

Other Water Related Resources/Links for Teachers: