Fish on the Run, Irrigation Done!

Fish on the Run

Whether you use a hose or have an underground watering system to water your yard and garden, we are asking our water customers to help us keep water in the Clackamas River by reducing or shutting-off outdoor watering for the fall fish runs!

Currently we are experiencing a significantly dry summer and our area is classified as being in severe drought conditions by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).  The current conditions highlight the need for increased efficiency in water use, which lowers consumption and conserves our available water resources the Clackamas River.

In addition to providing drinking water to over 300,000 people the river is home to migrating salmon and steelhead virtually year-round. Most of the year there is plenty of water in the river however, due to the lack of rain to replenish the river and higher temperatures this spring and summer, we anticipate this year the river flows may become extremely low in late summer and early fall.

During the summer months our water use doubles or even triples, this is due mostly to outdoor watering.  With low river levels this year, saving water is even more important starting in late August as Fall Chinook and Coho Salmon begin returning to the Clackamas River on the way to their spawning grounds. The chart below from PGE shows typical migration patterns and the months when runs peak.

Fish Migration Chart

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To help encourage our customers to do their best in conserving their drinking water at this time we have developed a water conservation meter which will be evaluated weekly and notifies us the severity of the river conditions and how much we should be conserving. Due to low river levels and lack of rain we are currenlty in the RED. For specific conservation information, tips, click on the actions buttons.




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Check out the resources below to find out what kind of changes you can make to your outdoor watering to ensure that you are using our drinking water in the most efficient ways possible. The more water we can keep in the river the easier this journey will be for these threatened and endangered salmon species.  Some of these resources are not availalbe to City of Lake Oswego or City of Tigard customers.

Do Your Part to Keep Water in the Clackamas River.

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Fish on the run bottom


While washing hands, brushing teeth, and shaving shut water off

Only use washing machine and dishwashers when full

•  Install low flow faucet aerators

•  Take 5-minute showers

Water only one inch a week

•  Water only in the early morning or evening


Fix all indoor and outdoor leaks

Sweep drive and walkways instead of using a hose

  Wash cars on the lawn and use a shut-off nozzle on the hose

  Deep soak lawns and gardens

Adjust irrigation so not to water sidewalks and driveways

  Cover pools and hot tubs to  prevent evaporation


Shut down all outdoor watering, spot water when needed

Take your car to a commercial carwash which recycles the water

  Shut off all outdoor water features

  Do not allow water to run off  driveways, sidewalks, or down the street