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Partnership for Clean Water in the Clackamas River Watershed

As part of our partnership for Clean Water the CRWP and Clackamas SWCD are working to help our Clackamas River watershed landowners learn how they can be part of Clean Water solutions.  Our new Field to Faucet guide is full of tips and resources to help landowners achieve these goals.  Check it out  Field To Faucet



It’s time to cast your vote for the
Cover Art of our 2018 Kid’s Conservation Calendar!

Each year the Clackamas River Water Providers holds a coloring contest with local elementary schools in our area to create our annual Water Calendar. Click the link below to cast your vote.


Water Conservation

Except for the air we breath, water is the single most important element of our lives. It is too precious to waste. Regardless of the availability of water now and in the future, we must get the most for our current supply

Our Programs

The Clackamas River Water Providers are implementing a  variety of programs to protect and conserve our water resources. These include water conservation programs, watershed programs, and water quality programs.

Watershed Protection

Sustaining a precious resource a top priority. By preserving the Clackamas River as a high quality drinking water source we can help minimize future drinking water treatment costs, while being good stewards of the river.