The Value of Water

Value of Water
Value of Tap Water

Tap water is more than a convenience, it is central to our everyday lives. Any measure of a successful society is in some way related to the access of clean safe water.

Much of today’s public water systems were built more than 50 years ago and little has been done to rebuild or replace these pipes, pumps, and reservoirs that ensure water safely reaches your tap. We now face a large problem of figuring out how to pay to fix these systems before they fail. Therefore, our choice is to either adopt strategies to renew our water infrastructure, or accept the erosion over time of reliable water service.

You simply cannot put a price on a service that delivers:

• Public Health. 3 million people die each year from preventable
water borne diseases. Our water systems allow you to drink from
any tap with a high assurance of safety.

• Quality of Life. Tap water is more than a convenience, it is
central to our everyday lives. How would we brush our teeth,
shower or flush our toilets?

• Fire Protection. Well maintained water systems are critical in protecting our communities from the threat of fire. Water flowing to fire hydrants and home faucets come from the same system.

• Economy & Development. A safe, reliable water supply is central to the economic success of our communities.

When you consider the critical needs addressed by our water systems, public drinking water will always be a tremendous value.


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Value of Tap Water