Utility Billing is typically a work group within the Finance Department of a city or water provider which is responsible for the billing and maintenance of customer accounts. Along with charges for water, your utility bill may also include charges for Sewer, Stormwater or Surface Water Management (SWM) fees, as well as a Transportation Utility Fee (TUF).

Depending on your water provider you may get a bill every month or bi-monthly. Most water bills have two components a service charge or base rate and a usage or consumption charge based on every one hundred cubic feet (CCF) of water used. One CCF is equivalent to 748 gallons. The service charge or base rate typically pays for ongoing operations, maintenance and administration of the water system.

The usage or consumption charge typically pays for Capital Improvement Projects for water distribution and water treatment improvements. Through the water bills customers pay, your water provider is able to provide clean, safe drinking water in a legally sound, cost effective and efficient way which practices good stewardship of our financial and natural resources and environment.


Often leaks both inside and out can go undetected. Make sure pipes are properly winterized, fix all dripping faucets, check toilets for quiet leaks and have a regular maintenance program for outside irrigation systems. Over time even the smallest leaks can add up. If you need help with your utility bill please contact your water provider’s customer service department.