Flume Conservation Device


The Clackamas River Water Providers is working with FLUME to pilot a $100 rebate to eligible CRWP customers if they purchase a new FLUME Smart Water Monitor device. FLUME, a first-of-its-kind, easily installed household device that puts the power of water monitoring into the hands of homeowners.

  • Detect small leaks before they cost money and cause damage.
  • Gain real-time information on your household water consumption.
  • Set water usage goals and budgets for your household.
  • Smart technology sends notifications straight to your phone.
  • Receive push notifications on suspicious water activities while you’re away.

The FLUME Smart Water Monitor tracks your water use 24/7, alerting you to excessive water use and leaks. Take control of your property’s water use and protect your home.

Stop Leaks.
Protect Your Home.
Save Money.
Gain Peace of Mind.
Conserve Water.

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Keep track of everything right from your phone. FLUME provides complete coverage by catching leaks inside of your home as well as in your lawn or garden. If FLUME senses a leak or unusually high water use, you’ll be notified immediately via text, email or push notification anywhere you are.

Control Your Water Use. FLUME gives you real-time access to your water usage. You can determine which activities (or kids!) are using the most water with instant data and take action to avoid excess use.

Manage Your Water Bill. Never be surprised by a high water bill again. FLUME lets you set daily, weekly or monthly budgets and notifies you as you approach your limit. You can also measure your use against like homes in the FLUME Family. Conserve water and save money.

For more information about this device or where to buy one go to www.amazon.com or to www.flumetech.com.


ou must receive water from one of the following Water Provider members:

  • City of Estacada
  • City of Gladstone
  • Clackamas River Water
  • Oak Lodge Water Services
  • South Fork Water Board (Oregon City and West Linn)
  • Sunrise Water Authority (Happy Valley and Damascus)

1) You must be a single-family residential customer or a small business (50 employees or less) which owns its own site and your account must be active and in good standing.
2) The rebate application must be received within 3 months of the product purchase.
3) One Flume rebate, per account.
4) A copy or original of the dated sales receipt (or invoice) must be included with the rebate form. The brand/model purchased must match the item exactly.
5) Rebate item must be installed at the property associated with your water account.
6) Rebates are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Program ends when funds are depleted.
7) Prior to approval, an on-site inspection may be required by CRWP.
8) In accepting this rebate you allow FLUME to share your water use data with your water provider and the CRWP in part to assist in determining potential water savings of this device.

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